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ADSDS super hard panel technology---presenting the world as it is
Publish time:2015-01-26

    It was in the last century when friends and family would sit in front of a black and white TV and argue over which programme to watch although only a few channels were available. It is the memory of sharing that many people find it hard to leave behind after all these years.
    At BOE, we aspire to give an upgrade to such simple pleasures of life. BOE’s proprietary ADSDS (Advanced Super Dimension Switch) technology is one of the world’s leading super-hard panel technologies. An ADSDS display features higher light transmittance, brightness, and contrast, and presents images true to life with a viewing
angle of nearly 180 degrees. Moreover, such displays use less energy and do less harm to the environment so they can be widely applied to such products as smart phon-es, tablets, notebooks, monitors and TVs. In particular, BOE’s 110-inch UHD ADSDS LCD television has been accepted by Guinness World Records. Do you want
to share with your friends and family what you have seen? ADSDS super-hard panel technology presents to you the world as it is.