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BOE’s glasses-free 3D technology---making “immersiveness” a reality
Publish time:2015-01-26

    To experience the “immersiveness” brought by a 3D film at the cinema, we often go to the bother of wearing 3D glasses and feel as if there were something preventing
us from truly connecting with the characters. BOE’s glasses-free 3D display adopts cutting-edge alignment and lamination technology and allows for switching freely betw-een 2D and 3D modes. Sophisticated processes are used to apply the Active Barrier technology for mass production. Moreover, moiré cancellation helps to make viewers
feel much better in a 3D environment. It is always fascinating to watch the scenes about long-distance communication through holographic projection in science fiction film-s such as Avatar and Star Wars. Glasses-free 3D display could be the first step towards getting people immersed in those dreamlike scenes.