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BOE’s flexible display technology---showing images in every imaginable way
Publish time:2015-01-05

    It may be just imagination that one day you can fold your mobile phone as it is a paper napkin and put it into your pocket or curl a flat-panel
display into a bracelet and wear it on your wrist. Probably, such imagination will become a reality in the near future. BOE’s 9.55-inch AMOLED
flexible display, less than 200µm thick, is based on the Oxide TFT backplane technology. It is more like a sheet of thin cardboard, compared with a conventional flat-panel display. With a plastic substrate, the display has a radius of curvature less than 20mm, and can even be curled into a
    BOE’s another 55-inch UHD AMOLED flexible display combines the Oxide TFT backplane technology, white OLED technology as well as colored-film and matrix substrate integration technology. It is the largest AMOLED display in China that has been developed based on the flexible display
technology. Thanks to AMOLED’s character of auto-luminescence and thin structure, the display is less than 5mm thick, even lighter and thinner
than a conventional LCD TV display. In the future, the flexible display technology will be closely integrated with wearable devices and other white-
hot technologies.