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Chairman's Speech

                                                                 A New Start for BOE

More than 20 years ago, with the ambition of “growing the company, bringing prosperity to the people, and building the nation’s industry” and
with a strong commitment to society, the company and its employees, BOEers self-raised 6.5 million yuan as seed fund and started the company.
Having been through a series of challenges including marketization, technology substitution and global competition, the old electronic tube factory
which was on the verge of bankruptcy has successfully transformed into a very good company in the global display industry – BOE Technology
Group Co., Ltd..

Within the two decades, BOE dedicated itself to building its capacity for independent innovation. With a forward-looking vision and an inclusive
mindset, it attracted a group of industry talents with ambitions and aspirations who continue to promote technology innovation, transform research
results into industrial production, and constantly upgrade products and technologies. From conventional electronic tubes to precision electronic
components, to new display device and system products, BOE has made major strides in development and achieved remarkable success. From
starting, to chasing, and now overtaking, BOE has become one of the world’s top five display companies. As of 2013, its high-performance LCD
panels for smart phone and tablet rank first in the world in terms of market share. Moreover, the annual number of BOE patent applications is
unrivalled in the industry.

Yet BOE is still faced with emerging and critical challenges. The Internet in combination with information technology is penetrating all facets of
society. The integration of the Internet with every profession and every technology will profoundly change the human society and the industrial
ecology. BOE must continue to improve its client-oriented mechanism, promote disruptive innovation and provide exciting products and services
for consumers. By pursuing perfection and enhancing our brand reputation, BOE commits to offering innovative technologies and products that
inspire and change people’s lives in the Internet-era.

We are now entering a new era and given an opportunity to stand on a new start point. We will keep going and make the world a better place by
serving people with technologies.

Twenty years ago, BOE only stood for Beijing Oriental Electronics. Now it stands for the Best Optoelectronics Enterprise in the world.
In the 20 years to come, with the willpower and mission of BOEers, BOE will take on a new meaning – Best on Earth!