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Healthcare Service

Based on technology and expertise in the intelligent manufacturing of semiconductor displays, cloud data processing and park operations, BOE offers smart healthcare
products and service by combining display technology and information technology with healthcare. This area of business  includes three units: healthcare, health cloud
and health park solutions.


BOE seeks to deliver “people-centered, home-based healthcare service”. Through model innovation and tech-
nology integration, we are  committed to  improve the traditional healthcare mode,  and offer integrated health-
care service based on digital hospitals, health cloud platform, and health products.

Health Cloud

Based on continued innovation in new technologies, BOE has integrated all IT resources available to manage
distributed cloud data centers across expansive regions. We always follow customer needs and seek to do 
business not as usual so as to offer the best Internet-based products and services.

Park Solutions

BOE is committed to growing into a total solution provider for specialized parks. We have contributed to the suc-cessful operation of two parks: Universal Business Park (UBP) and Universal Creative Park (UCP). In the future, we will involve the healthcare unit in the development of a replicable model of smart healthcare park operation.

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【Healthcare Service】Business contact:

BOE Healthcare Co.,Ltd.
Add:  No.9 Dize RD, BDA, Beijing 100176, P.R. China
Tel: +86-10-60964612