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Corporate Governance
  • Shareholders' Meeting
  • Board of Directors
  • Board of Supervisors

Board of Supervisors

The board of supervisors is held accountable to all shareholders and is responsible for supervising the compliance of directors, president, and ot-her senior management staff of the company while they perform their duties, so as to protect and fulfill the legitimate interests of the company an-d its shareholders. The board of supervisors are consisted of 9 supervisors, 6 of them are representatives of shareholders while the other 3 are representatives of employees.

Xu Yangping

Employee Supervisor

Mr. Xu Yangping, Master of Civil and Commerciall Law. He was former Deputy Minister, Minister of the Company’s Legal
Department, Employee Supervisor of the 7 th Supervisory Committee of the Company.
Now he acts as Employee Supervisor of the 8 th Supervisory Committee of the Company, Minister and Deputy Director of the Company’s Legal Department and Organization and the Director of Board of Directors of Gaochuang (Suzhou) Electronics Co., Ltd, Supervisor of Beijing BOE Vacuum Electric Appliance Co., Ltd and Beijing BOE Technology Development Co., Ltd.
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