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BOE stands out at CHTF with new technology, products, and applications
Publish time:2015-01-06

    The 16th China Hi-tech Fair (CHTF) was held at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center from November 16 through 21. BOE, one of the world’s leading suppliers of
semiconductor display technologies, products and services, unveiled a number of its new products at the fair. Themed “Technology Improves the Quality of Life”, the BOE
booth presented leading-edge display products featuring high definition, touch panel, etc. and demonstrated the application of technology and products in finance and
other scenarios, showing to the visitors a higher quality of life built on hi-tech display solutions.
    BOE captured much attention with its debuted 65-inch 4K×2K OGS display, the first of its kind in the world. For the display, BOE adopts its proprietary OGS metal mesh
instead of conventional indium tin oxide (ITO), which helps to cut material costs and increase touch sensitivity considerably. The product also solves the difficulty in OGS
splice exposure for the first time and shows  a number of highlights including multi-point touch, 4K UHD, OCR full lamination, and thin design, which guarantee exceptional visual and touch experience.
    Also among the interests for visitors at the fair were a series of high-definition display products led by BOE, including its 98-inch 8K×4K UHD display which won the Best in Show Award at SID Display Week 2014 and Product Technical Innovation Award • Display Tech Gold Award at IFA 2014, 55-inch 4K×2K flexible AMOLED display, the
first of its kind in China, 8.0-inch WUXGA display featuring high PPI and slim bezel, etc. These products embody BOE’s comprehensive technology strength in high-
definition displays.
    Moreover, BOE introduced a section on display solutions for finance. A rich variety of smart bank display solutions were shown the visitors so that they could see how the best display technologies and touch solutions are applied to finance. Ping An Bank has reached an agreement with BOE about working together to build its “flagship smart bank” in China.
    BOE Vice President Zhang Yu said, “BOE will work harder on extending the application of display technologies and solutions from consumer electronics for personal
and home use to more areas of commercial use. The smart bank display exhibited at the fair is an example of applying our display technologies to the commercial fields.
BOE has promoted its display technologies and solutions in a wide range of fields including finance, transportation, education, healthcare, and public information services. The great potential of display technologies for commercial use are yet to be unlocked in the future.”