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BOE upgrades brand logo, ready to extend global presence
Publish time:2015-01-06

    BOE, one of the world’s leading suppliers of semiconductor display technologies, products, and services, has announced that the company’s new brand logo will be
come into use on November 1, 2014. It marks another crucial step forward BOE has made on the path of brand building and also the beginning of the company’s efforts to accelerate its going-global process and achieve strategic upgrading against the backdrop of the new Internet era.
    The upgraded logo still features the company’s name “BOE” with the letter “O” underscored, indicating that BOE is on the rise. BOE Vice President Zhang Yu said, “The
upgraded logo is simple, classic and easier to identify and spread. The line underneath letter “O” symbolizes that all BOEers, guided by the same vision, belief, and culture, work together to serve people with technology and make the world a better place.”
    Over the past 20 years or more, BOE has applied its products to a wide range of fields such as mobile phone, tablets, notebook, monitor, television and digital
information displays, ranking among the top five display makers in the world. In 2013, BOE led the world in large-sized and UHD displays and also made remarkable
achievements in 3D display, touch technology, flexible display, and transparent display. It ranked No.1 in the world by the market share of high-performance LCD displays for smart phones and tablets. In addition, in this year the company filed 4,282 new patent applications and 35% of its new products are first-global-launch products, both
leading levels in the global display industry.
    With its brand logo upgraded, BOE will further consolidate its leadership in the display industry and seek greater development in display device business, smart system product business, and smart healthcare service business. The company will continue embracing the philosophy of “Technology Leadership, First-global-launch Products, Value Co-creation” in speeding up its going-global process and improving its international competitiveness and influence.
    BOE Chairman Wang Dongsheng said, “The upgrading of brand logo is the new beginning of BOE’s strategic upgrading. We will introduce disruptive innovations to
provide more exciting products and services for consumers and boost the brand to create greater value for investors, consumers and partners.”