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Display Week 2014: BOE’s “super” products in the spotlight
Publish time:2015-01-15

    The Society for Information Display (SID) staged its Display Week 2014, the most influential event in the global display community, at San Diego Convention Center from June 1 to 6. A heavyweight in the display field, BOE appeared at the event with the latest UHD, ultra-light and ultra-thin products developed on its own, showing off China’s “display achievements” in the world arena.
    Seeking perfect image quality is an everlasting theme to the display industry. Although the 4K UHD craze has just swept the industry, 8K UHD is now coming into the
spotlight. BOE’s 98-inch 8K UHD display, a “Best in Show Award” winner at Display Week 2014, features a display effect four times better than a 4K×2K (UHD) display,
embodying the continued pursuit of better image quality in the industry as well as the capacity of a Chinese semiconductor display maker for independent innovation. As
for small displays, BOE presented a 6.0-inch 2560×1440 (QHD) LTPS mobile phone panel with a pixel density of up to 500 PPI, ushering in an FHD era for hand-sized
mobile phone panels.
    OLED and other new displays remain the center of attention in the global display industry. BOE’s 55-inch UHD AMOLED display, which made its debut in a foreign count-ry, offers a display effect of ultra high definition, broad color gamut and high image quality thanks to the combined Oxide TFT backplane technology, white OLED technolo-gy as well as colored-film and matrix substrate integration technology. It can be widely applied in such frontier fields as traditional flat displays, curved displays and flexible displays.
    In addition to the products mentioned above, BOE also exhibited a series of innovative products including mobile phone panels with the most advanced touch technolog-y, the world’s thinnest mobile phone panels (0.95mm), mirror displays, and glasses-free 3D displays.
    According to experts, BOE and other Chinese display enterprises are playing an increasingly important role in the global community of high-end and cutting-edge panel development and manufacturing. It is believed that BOE’s innovative products will bring continuous changes to people’s way of life with their superb performance.