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BOE debuts new 8K UHD display at CEATEC JAPAN 2014
Publish time:2015-01-15

    BOE’s new 8K UHD display made debut at CEATEC JAPAN 2014 recently, bringing brand-new visual experience to visitors.
    CEATEC JAPAN is an influential IT and electronics exhibition held annually in Japan. Themed “NEXT - Technology Makes the Future”, this year’s exhibition demonstrat-ed the future outlook and possibilities of IT and electronics as new-generation visualization technology, energy saving, wearable devices. NHK and Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) showcased their elaborately produced “Experience of TV evolution”, which used BOE’s 8K UHD display and combi-ned 8K Super Hi-Vision and Hybridcast, amazing the visitors with the new-generation audio-visual experience of public broadcasting.
    According to BOE Vice President Zhang Yu, this display is currently the world’s largest 8K×4K display with a resolution of up to 7680×4320, 16 times that of a popular
HD TV. Using BOE’s proprietary ADSDS technology, the display features a viewing angle of 178 degrees and a brightness of 500 lumen. BOE has started to provide 98-
inch 8K UHD display devices to NHK Media Technology since April this year.
    NHK started research on 8K resolution in 1995 and is now gearing up for the next-generation video output technologies. Earlier this year, it broadcast live the World Cup with 8K graphics on a pilot basis. According to NEXT-TV, Japan will begin 8K broadcast testing in 2016 and officially start the service in 2018. BOE’s 8K UHD display has
created more room for the development for the next-generation video output technology.
    BOE’s 8K technology will also find wide applications in such fields as healthcare, finance and transportation. At the 73rd Annual Meeting of the Japan Neurosurgical
Society (JNS) held from October 9 to 11, BOE demonstrated to medical professionals how 8K UHD display devices could be applied to healthcare. In a move to promote
the innovative applications of the next-generation display technologies in fields such as telemedicine, the demonstration won was widely acclaimed among medical profes-sionals in Japan.