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BOE launches world’s first 65-inch OGS touch panel
Publish time:2015-01-15

    At the 16th China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF), BOE, one of the world’s leading suppliers of semiconductor display technologies, products, and services, debuted an OGS touch panel of the largest ever size featuring multi-point touch and extreme touch sensitivity.
    OGS, or One Glass Solution, is one of the mainstream touchscreen technologies currently, and has apparent strengths in reducing weight, increasing transmittance and cutting costs. It is widely applied to smart display terminals such as mobile phone, tablet, and notebook. Applying OGS to large-sized displays can not only make them
much thinner but also help to improve light transmittance by about 10% and reduce manufacturing costs substantially. However, technical bottlenecks in this regard are yet to be broken. That’s why displays of large sizes such as 65 inches on the market are usually underpinned by Glass-Film-Film (GFF) or infrared touch technology.
BOE is the first to overcome the difficulty in OGS splice exposure. By applying OGS to its 65-inch 4K×2K UHD display, the company has set a perfect example of having
large size, 4K UHD, and OGS touch control all in one display. For the display, BOE adopts its proprietary OGS metal mesh instead of conventional indium tin oxide (ITO),
which helps to cut material costs and increase touch sensitivity considerably. The display shows a number of highlights including multi-point touch, 4K UHD, OCR full
lamination, and thin design, which guarantee exceptional visual and touch experience.
    At the BOE booth, the 65-inch OGS display attracted crowds of visitors for the UHD images and remarkable touch experience it offers. As for the application of the display, BOE Vice President Zhang Yu said that the product would have great potential for commercial use in such fields finance, transportation, education, healthcare, and public information services.