BOE starts the world’s first 8K salon in Japan

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BOE starts the world’s first 8K salon in Japan
Publish time:2015-05-13

At the recently-concluded FINETECH JAPAN 2015, the world’s biggest expo in the FPD industry, BOE, one of the world’s leading providers of semiconductor display technology, products and services, broke the news that it had started the world’s first 8K salon in Tokyo. The news has been confirmed recently. BOE Vice President and President of BOE Japan Chikara Kuboshima said, “8K UHD displays give people incredible immersive experience. Visitors have flocked to the 8K salon. It is intended to give visitors the visual experience they have never had before, and to bring our clients and consumers closer to BOE’s UHD display technology and products. BOE plans to introduce such salons in other countries so as to promote and popularize 8K technology worldwide, sharing the amazing experience brought by 8K technology with everyone in the world.”

The new 8K salon presents to visitors BOE’s 98-inch 8K display that won the Best in Show Award at SID Display Week 2014 and the 2014 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award and the new-concept display terminal BOE Alta that won the 2015 iF Gold Design Award and Red Dot Award. Its 110-inch 8K UHD display, transparent display, and other products will also be exhibited in succession.

The 8K display product BOE launched in early 2014 won the full recognition of NHK and became the exclusive supplier of NHK Media Technology in the April of the year. Now BOE’s UHD display products are supplied to NHK headquarters and some other top Japanese equipment manufacturers.
During FINETECH JAPAN 2015, BOE’s 8K products were once again acclaimed by all sectors of Japan. According to Japanese newspaper Electronic Device Industry News, “BOE products are at the top of the world and will lead the development of 8K UHD displays”, and “BOE has reached the top level on the front of intellectual property”.

BOE’s 8K UHD products, backed by its unique ADSDS technology, ensure high-fidelity visual experience by offering a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, covering the entire field of vision of human eyes, and avoiding color shifts when viewed from any angle. Moreover, they feature larger sizes, higher brightness, more brilliant colors, and thinner design, and can be widely applied to specialized fields such as healthcare, finance, transport, large-scale sporting events, security surveillance, fashion shows, concerts, and video conferences.

“8K is expected to be popularized across the world through the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games”, said Wataru Izumiya, a veteran reporter of the Japanese semiconductor industry. Chikara Kuboshima noted that BOE would strive to develop more 8K products so that more people would have the chance to experience the beauty brought by 8K technology, thus contributing to the promotion of commercial applications and early-stage home use. Apart from 98-inch 8K and 110-inch 8K displays, BOE will also introduce 8K UHD displays of multiple sizes and globally launch the first ever 8K display for medical use to further advance the commercial application of 8K technology.

While promoting and applying technologies, BOE will also deepen the cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises in the UHD business in such aspects as video production, affordable players, and 8K display-based B2B systems. They will work together on developing products and creating new value. NHK will begin 8K broadcast testing in 2016. With the launch of various 8K products in large quantities and the popularization of 8K videos and transmission, 8K UHD displays will surely become a prevailing trend in the global display industry.