BOE’s 8K display chosen by NHK at BIRTV 2015

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BOE’s 8K display chosen by NHK at BIRTV 2015
Publish time:2015-08-28

The 2015 Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Equipment Exhibition (BIRTV 2015), the most influential radio and TV event in Asia, took place at China International Exhibition Center from August 26 to 28. NHK, one of the world’s leaders in 8K broadcasting technology, made its debut at the exhibition. As an official TV broadcaster of Japan, NHK, unprecedentedly, chose BOE’s 98-inch 8K UHD displays over Japanese brands for the exhibition. China’s proprietary 8K technology, combined with the world’s top-notch 8K broadcast, offered superb UHD visual experience to domestic visitors for the first time.

Early in April 2014, BOE’s newly launched 8K UHD displays had became a top choice of NHK, which, with the help of BOE, rolled out more than 30 8K UHD display promotional activities around Japan. As a global leader in the development of 8K UHD technology, BOE has launched world-leading products such as 98-inch 8K and 11-inch 8K products, and actively promoted the application of 8K in such fields as finance, healthcare, transportation and art. “HD has entered a mature stage, and China’s TV industry is now poised to embrace UHD”, said Jin Ying, Secretary General of BIRTV Organizing Committee and Assistant to General Manager of Chinese Radio & TV (CRTV).

NHK started 8K research in 1995. It broadcast live the World Cup with 8K graphics in 2014 and for the first time recorded the entire baseball competitions in 8K UHD format this summer. According to NHK, Japan will begin 8K broadcast testing in 2016, officially start the service in 2018, and broadcast live the Tokyo Olympic Games with 8K graphics in 2020. BOE’s 8K UHD display has created more room for the development of the next-generation video output technology.