BOE wins 2015 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award

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BOE wins 2015 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award
Publish time:2015-09-06

The 55th Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) announced winners of the 2015 IFA Product Technical Innovation Awards on September 5, German time. BOE was granted two of the 16 awards for its dominance in UHD display technology and its constant pursuit of better production process and industrial design. Its globally launched 82-inch 10K display won the Display Tech Gold Award, and BOE Alta, the new-concept display terminal, won the TV Design Gold Award after it was granted the 2015 iF Gold Design Award and the Red Dot Award. This, once again, demonstrates to the world the extraordinary innovation ability and technology strength of Chinese brands after BOE’s 98-inch 8K×4K UHD display won the IFA Display Tech Gold Award last year.

BOE was the world’s first to develop the 10K display technology. With a viewing angle of over 100 degrees, the 10K UHD display can give viewers a strong sense of involvement and powerful visual impact, immersing them in extremely clear images. Featuring a resolution of 10240*4320, 90% color gamut and 21:9 aspect ratio, the 10K display shows colors as good as they originally are and presents images finely. It can also be applied in such fields as upscale commercial display, broadcasting, home theater, museums, and galleries.
OE Alta, winner of the TV Design Gold Award, is designed to be like a piece of modern black-and-silver sculpture, taking on a minimalist yet magnificent style as European homes do. The stand design combines the stereo unit and electronic components in an ingenious and seamless way, embodying the aesthetic tension. One cable at the back links all external data lines, making the space below the video wall always clean and orderly.

As the barometer of the global consumer electronics industry, the IFA Product Technical Innovation Award presents a stage for global consumer electronics brands to demonstrate their overall innovativeness, and promotes brands to innovate and upgrade facing new trends of the industry.
In the field of display product and technology, Chinese display markers represented by BOE are playing an increasingly vital role. BOE’s winning the award for its 10K UHD display and BOE Alta will advance the trends of extra-large size, UHD and smartness worldwide. According to BOE Vice President Zhang Yu, Chinese enterprises being granted international awards reflect their improved technology strength and innovation ability. BOE, an industry leader, is trying to change the “Made in China” image to “Created in China”. Optimistic about the prospect of the display technology, BOE will make continued efforts in the field of UHD technology to develop differentiated and personalized display products, and deliver more amazing products and services to consumers and clients.

About IFA Product Technical Innovation Award
The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) is one of the world’s largest and earliest exhibitions on audiovisual and consumer electronics. It was first held in 1924, and has a history of 91 years. Jointly initiated by the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) and International Data Group (IDG) of the United States, the IFA Product Technical Innovation Award selection attracts consumer electronics brands around the world, and serves as the most authoritative communication, exhibition and cooperation platform at the annual IFA. Other winners of the 16 awards this year included international brands such as Samsung, LG, Siemens, and Philips.