BOE Supports Education with New Charity Program

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BOE Supports Education with New Charity Program
Publish time:2015-09-10

On September 10, China’s Teachers’ Day, volunteers of BOE’s “Light the Road to Growth” charity program paid respects and extended greetings to teachers in Tianbu School, Hefei, Anhui Province, and launched the “Dream Space” program for children.

As part of the “Light the Road to Growth” program, the “Dream Space” program aims to renovate the idle classrooms of schools into a well-equipped space suitable for organizing colorful activities. Without the traditional layout of “desks and a platform”, the retrofitted rooms will have colored mobile desks and chairs and be equipped with educational supplies such as electronic whiteboards, computers, musical instruments, drawing boards and pigments, and electronic courseware, as well as thousands of books for primary and secondary school students. A series of innovative courses and teaching modes such as safety education courses, art and sport courses and horizon-broadening courses will also be developed so as to bring out the potential of pupils and preschoolers, and develop the students’ innovative thinking, diversified thinking and team spirit.

BOE launched the “Light the Road to Growth” charity program in April 2014, focusing on the safety and growth of children in remote areas. The program has provided lighting equipment to improve the lighting for their study and on their way to school; organized a variety of extracurricular activities and developed safety education courses to expand the horizon of children and enhance their awareness of self-protection; and set up the BOE Teachers’ Award and BOE Star Award to recognize outstanding teachers and students, thus driving the development of education in remote areas.

The program has established BOE’s first volunteer activity base in Tianbu School, Hefei, and organized three themed activities involving over 100 volunteers, benefiting more than 300 students, as well as visits to the homes of 14 poor students. The volunteers not only bring knowledge and joy to children, but also become representatives of BOE’s public interest activities. While working with passion and a caring heart, the volunteers have harvested warmth, affection and appreciation.

“BOE has always cared for the public good, attached great importance to corporate social responsibility and been an outstanding corporate citizen. That is an essential part of our corporate culture”, said BOE Vice President Zhang Yu. “We will continue caring for the education, life and psychological needs of children in remote areas, and do our bit to promote their basic education and healthy growth.”