BOE debuts new UHD displays at Asia’s largest electronics show

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BOE debuts new UHD displays at Asia’s largest electronics show
Publish time:2015-10-09

CEATEC JAPAN 2015, the largest and most comprehensive consumer electronics show in Asia, kicked off at Makuhari Messe Convention Center in Chiba-shi, Japan, on October 7. It is a world-class exhibition representing the forefront of the electronics industry in Asia. BOE, one of the world’s leading providers of semiconductor display technology, products and services, appeared at the event, bringing the idea that “displays are everywhere” to visitors through cutting-edge technologies, products and solutions. Among BOE’s exhibits, the world’s first 82-inch 10K, 98-inch 8K and 110-inch 8K UHD displays won awards in the Lifestyle Innovation category.

The 10K and 8K UHD displays were unveiled at BOE’s booth against the composed and elegant gray background. In the front of the booth were two globally launched new 98-inch 8K vertical displays and the world’s largest 110-inch 8K display; inside the booth, two 82-inch LCD displays, the world’s first of its kind with 10K resolution, and one 98-inch 8K display were showing images finely, offering the audience a superb visual feast. BOE’s UHD displays, which seized such international awards as the Best in Show award at the SID Display Week and the IFA Product Technical Innovation Award, exposing visitors to the charm of the UHD display technology. The globally launched 98-inch 8K vertical display is designed for business customers, especially suitable for signage, public display, and professional display fields. BOE also exhibited an array of UHD panels whose sizes range from 5.5 to 110 inches that can be used for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and televisions, addressing all kinds of customer needs.

Since NHK announced its plan to begin 8K broadcast testing in 2016 and achieve full coverage of 8K TV signals by 2020, the demand for the wide use of 8K displays has been growing in the Japanese market, always a trendsetter on the Asian electronics front. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games approaching, NHK said that the 8K broadcast would be brought ahead of schedule, and noting the broad market prospect, it had planned to exhibit the transmission of 8K TV signals in the International Broadcasting Convention in the Netherlands in September. Early in April 2014, BOE’s newly launched 8K UHD displays became a top choice of NHK, which, with the help of BOE, rolled out more than 30 8K UHD display promotional activities around Japan. BOE’s 8K products have been widely applauded in Japan. As famous photographer Motegi Hideyuki commented, “the 8K display precisely presents every pixel without compression and every image with zero noise like exquisite prints, and the image quality is stunning.” According to Japanese newspaper Electronic Device Industry News, “BOE products are at the top of the world and will lead the development of 8K UHD displays.”

At the electronics show, BOE also exhibited such innovative products as 65-inch 4K OGS UHD touch screen, 46-inch transparent display and BOE Alta, which all amazed the visitors.

According to BOE Vice President Zhang Yu, with the advance of information technology and the advent of the Internet of Things, the display technology will be used in an ever-wider range of fields. Displays will be everywhere in the future. BOE will make continued efforts to advance the innovation and application of technologies, open up new fields of application, and deliver a greater variety of high-quality products, solutions and services to clients and consumers.