What is the Display Generation Line

What is the Display Generation Line

Release time:2017-12-29

    The generation number of LCD panel production line is determined by the size ofglass substrate. The larger the glass substrate is, the higher the generation number is.
The size of a Gen-6 line glass substrate is 1500mm*1850mm and Gen-8.5 line is 2200mm*2500mm. Now, the size of the world’s highest-generation glass substrates is 3370mm*2940mm. The industry calls it Gen 10.5, and some enterprises name it Gen 11. Despite different names, the sizes of their glass substrates are the same.

    Generally speaking,  higher generation number means  larger size of the economically-cut display and higher production benefits. Economical cutting means that, in the
case of fixed size of a glass substrate, we could achieve the highest utilization rate of the glass substrate through reasonable planning and calculation. In general,  the number of economically-cut displays is at least six. That is, only if a glass substrate must be cut into six or more displays can be recognized to get the most  benefits.
For instance, a Gen-8.5 substrate can be cut into six 55-inch displays and the maximum size of the economically-cut display is 55 inches; for a Gen-10 substrate, the maximum size is 70 inchand for a Gen-10.5 substrate, the maximum size is 75 inch. Meanwhile,largerglass substrate need largerequipmentand more rigorous requirements for the technology and precision.

    The construction of a new production line is mainly determined by the product positioning and market demands. The launch of a high generation production line  doesn’t mean that the low generation production line will be phased out. To be clear, the quality of a display is not directly related to the generation number. For example, 55-inch displays, with the same display technology, are all the same in their quality and performance, whether they are produced from Gen-8.5 substrates, Gen-10.5 substrates or other substrates.

    Now, many Gen-x production lines are under construction in the world. Specifically, BOE is the first company to make an investment in building a Gen-10.5 production
line or a display production line with the global highest generation number in Hefei. This production line has been completed in November 2016and will be MP in 2018, designed to mainly produce 65-inch UHDs or larger size displays.

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