BOE presents creative display solutions at SID Display Week 2018

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BOE presents creative display solutions at SID Display Week 2018

Release time:2018-05-23

The long-anticipated SID Display Week 2018 is opening on May 22 in Los Angeles, bringing together new display technologies and products from across the globe. At this event, BOE presents its flexible display solution, 8K display solution, as well as micro display, QLED display and other world-leading IoT solutions, impressing visitors with shocking visual experience.

Presenting integrated flexible display solution
At BOE's booth, visitors can find not only a number of flexible AMOLED products that can be bent, folded, and rolled and even flap in the wind, but also innovative applications such as a fingerprint recognition system that works in any spot of the display area, cute robots with flexible displays, techy smart loudspeaker boxes with flexible displays, an S-shaped in-car flexible AMOLED display, foldable mobile devices, and more. The integrated flexible display solution brought by BOE became a highlight of SID Display Week 2018.

The foldable all-screen WQHD AMOLED display launched by BOE can achieve minimum dynamic bending with a radius of only 1mm. It can be bent more than 100,000 times and has an NTSC color gamut up to 118%, which helps to improve user experience considerably. At the event, BOE is exhibiting a 5.99-inch foldable mobile phone and a 7.56-inch foldable tablet, among others. The display can be used for mobile phones when it is folded up and for tablets or monitors when it unfolds.

The moving robots are similarly eye-catching. BOE creatively applies two flexible displays in one robot, coupled with touch control, featuring high resolution, high contrast ratio and high color gamut. What's more, BOE also combines three 5.99-inch flexible displays, which are water-proof, to present images of mountains and rivers. These innovative flexible display technologies, products and solutions will bring more possibilities for the application of displays.

In recent years, printing display technology, one of the OLED technical directions, has drawn growing attention from the industry. BOE takes the lead to apply printing technology to mobile terminals and launches the 5.5-inch FHD (1920×20180) printing flexible OLED display, pushing the performance of related devices to a higher level.

Building an 8K UHD ecosystem
UHD has become a keyword of SID 2018 for material and equipment suppliers and device manufacturers, signaling the advent of the 8K era. In addition to the 110-inch 8K, 75-inch 8K, and 65-inch 8K glasses-free 3D displays, BOE also presents 13.3-inch 8K display products, promoting the development of small and medium-sized 8K products.

BOE has gathered speed in building an 8K ecosystem ever since it launched the "8425 strategy" which means "promoting 8K, popularizing 4K, replacing 2K and making good use of 5G". BOE has recently launched the 8K solution that incorporates BOE's 4K/8K image service cloud, 8K decoder player, and 8K display device, making it possible to shoot, edit, transmit and broadcast 8K content. This helps to solve problems like the costliness and massive size of traditional decoder players, as well as the lack of 8K content, thus promoting the faster popularization of 8K.

Showing the charm of innovative technology
Among several micro display products that are being exhibited at BOE's booth, a silicon-based OLED AR product is drawing the attention of many visitors. The silicon-based OLED display technology features monocrystalline silicon as the active drive backplane as well as high resolution, high level of integration, low power consumption, small size, and light weight. The AR product is backed by a 0.39-inch silicon-based OLED which has the world's leading pixel density of 5644PPI, 17 times that of a Retina display, and a contrast ratio over 10000:1, which enables the overlapping and interaction between virtual 3D images and real scenes. All these secure an ultimate experience for users as well as bright prospect in the field of education and training, video games, home decoration, etc.

Moreover, BOE shows its cutting-edge technologies and products such as QLED, mini-LED displays, a number of new applications and products including curved in-car display instruments and BOE iGallery, exposing visitors to the charm of advanced technologies.

It is these display products with diverse characteristics, innovative forms and premium experience that have created unlimited possibility for a smart life in the IoT Era.


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