BOE Smart Retail Solution Wins "IFA 2018 Award for Product & Technology Innovation"

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BOE Smart Retail Solution Wins "IFA 2018 Award for Product & Technology Innovation"

Release time:2018-09-03

On August 31, IFA, a global event in the consumer electronics industry, opened in Germany, and well-known manufacturers from around the world gathered to showcase the latest innovative technologies and products in the field of consumer electronics. At this exhibition, BOE smart retail solution was granted "IFA 2018 Award for Product & Technology Innovation" in the category of IoT Innovative Application.
Today, the online and offline integration of the new retail model has become the trend. BOE’s smart retail solution not only enables consumers to realize one-stop self-service shopping but also provides IoT solutions in price management, shelf management and customer behavior analysis for supermarket retail, financial retail, etc.
BOE’s VUSION electronic label features modular design. It can display promotional information in black, white and red colors. It is waterproof, antifogging, antifreezing and dustproof, and can be used on shelves to replace traditional paper price label. Such electronic labels may look little, but their role cannot be underestimated. Each label can be connected to the store computer database through a wireless network, and the latest information such as product price, specification, promotion, barcode, place of origin, and brand can be transmitted to the electronic label so that product price and related information is synchronized in real time. In addition, BOE’s smart retail solution has the functions of product positioning, shelf management, customer flow analysis, etc., making seamless online-offline connection possible. For example, by using near-field wireless communication (NFC) or scanning QR codes, consumers can quickly connect to the mall to obtain product information for mobile payment. The salespersons can modify the label content with a mobile device, operate remotely to replace the electronic label template, and see the virtual shelf interface. If the products on shelves are out of stock or abnormally placed, the information will be displayed on the digital map of the store, greatly improving the operation efficiency of the store. It is worth noting that BOE’s smart retail solution also enables the anlysis of customer flow, customer flow conversion rate, and other data, as well as automatic ordering of products that will be out of stock, making supermarket retail smarter and simpler.
To date, BOE has provided smart retail IoT solutions for more than 16,000 stores in more than 55 countries, including MediaMarkt, Bio c’ Bon, COOP, Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Yonghui, Freshhema of Alibaba, 7FRESH of, Watsons and other large supermarkets worldwide. Consumers can enjoy the new experience of smart retail brought by BOE.

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