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Basic Information

Company Name BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. Address No.12 Xihuanzhong RD,BDA,Beijing,100176,P.R.China
Legal Representative Wang Dongsheng Chief Executive Officer Chen Yanshun
Short for Stock BOE A, BOE B Stock Code 000725、200725
Place of Listing Shenzhen Stock Exchange Time to Market BOE A : 2001/1/12 BOE B:1997/6/10
Secretary of the Board of Directors Liu Hongfeng Securities Affairs Representative Cui Zhiyong
Total Share Capital 34,798,398,763 A/B Share Capital 33,862,285,275 / 936,113,488

Top ten shareholders

Shareholder Name Shareholding Ratio Number of Shares Held
Beijing State-owned Capital Management Center 11.68% 4,063,333,333
Chongqing Capital Photoelectricity Investment Co., Ltd 8.62% 3,000,000,000
Hefei Jianxiang Investment Co., Ltd 8.21% 2,857,142,857
Beijing Economic and Technological Investment and Development Corporation 3.57% 1,241,423,641
Beijing BOE Investment & Development Co., Ltd 2.36% 822,092,180
National Social Security Fund Portfolio 108 1.58% 550,038,713
Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Ltd. 0.88% 305,284,592
Beijing Electronics Holdings Co., Ltd 0.79% 273,735,583
Central Huijin Investment Ltd. 0.71% 248,305,300
Beijing Electronic Holdings Limited Liability Company 0.78% 273,735,583