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BOE Smart Health Care Community Solution

The smart health care community solution is composed of the smart health room and home detection platform. The "health room" is equipped with various health collectors for the health detection of residents at any time; the in-home detection platform is equipped with such in-home detection equipment as sphygmomanometers, glucometers, body fat scales and sleep instruments, which will transmit data to medical/health management institutions in real time and push professional health management instructions to users.

Solution Composition

  • Operation Mode

  • As the Vice Director-General Unit of the Future Community Industry Alliance of Zhejiang Province, BOE Health Technology Co., Ltd. has started the construction of a smart health community pilot in Zhejiang, and it will continue to optimize and aid the transformation and upgrading of communities in Zhejiang in the future

    Terminal Products

    Core Values

  • A one-stop health management, medical service and home-based aging community solution
  • Allows community residents to enjoy a healthy life, an enjoyable retirement and high-quality medical service through smart management
  • Integrate different products and services and create a new health philosophy
  • Truly realize in-home management of chronic disease and reduce the medical insurance burden of the government through a new management mode