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    Tablet Display

    Boe tablet displays cover 7.0-inch to 18.5-inch medium-sized mobile products. the display resolution can exceed 4k. the ultra-thin product features narrow borders, a wide color gamut, low power consumption, touch integration (tddi and active pen) and other outstanding performance features. the product is already being widely used in entertainment, education, business office, smart display, and numerous other fields.

    • Touch integration technology
      To meet different needs, single/multi-layer embedded technology or a tddi solution is combined with an active pen to achieve a thin, lightweight, high screen-to-body ratio, and excellent touch experience.
    • Super narrow border
    • Wide color gamut:
    • Front light source reflective display technology (RLCD)

    8.4" WUXGA TDDI
    10.8" WQXGA
    10.5" WXGA-RLCD
    10.36" WUXGA TDDI
    11" 2K TDDI