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    • The "Soul" Smart Displays & Architectural Design Collide to Light up New Life in the City
    • To display and introduce BOE's new achievements and solutions in multiple subdivisions of Smart IoT to BAID.
    • To communicate and interact with BIAD architects and designers on building an exchange platform to provide support for subsequent cooperation.
    • To maintain the partnership between the BIAD and BOE and accelerate achievement transformation.
    1. BOE Innovative Product Scenario Exhibition Time: October 28 - October 30

      BOE Innovative Product Scenario Exhibition Location: Hall on the First Floor of Block B (scenario exhibition of innovative products, including the smart office, smart home, low-carbon integrated energy service, and health house)

    2. Technical Exchange Time: October 28 Location: B100 Meeting Room

    Smart Home
    Business Office
    Mobile Health
    Smart Education

    Mr. Zhang Hao, Deputy Dean and Deputy Chief Designer of the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, shared his experience with the "Tencent Beijing Headquarters" project.
    Liu Yining, head of the BOE Smart Campus BU, delivered a keynote lecture on "Smart IoT Helps Building New Experience on Digital Architectures".
    Activity Achievements

    Exhibition hall

    The exhibition lasted for three days with peak traffic of about 80 people per hour,average traffic of about 40people per hour and a total of about 1000 person-time.

    Technical Exchange

    It lasted for 4 hours with 65 participants ,including senior management and business owners from both parties. All seats were occupied in the meeting room. After the meeting, both parties exchanged their name cards and have created a WeChat group for related projects.