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    More than half of 2019 has passed. Color TV manufacturers have launched 8K TV, OLED TV and other new products, seeking to enhance the core competitiveness of their products with upgraded display technology. Large size and UHD have become a prevailing trend in the color TV business. On July 8, Hisense unveiled the world’s first high-end color TV set equipped with BOE’s BD Cell display, which features higher contrast ratio, finer images and more natural and true-to-life colors, bringing a brand-new experience to users.

    BD Cell is a display technology introduced by BOE, which can greatly improve the contrast ratio of display and marks a new breakthrough in the TFT-LCD technology. BOE innovatively designs two layers of black-and-white and color cells for the display, and uses pixel division technology and micron-level dimming technology to control the images more finely so that the display can have an ultra-high contrast ratio of up to million-level and show the most natural colors. In addition, that display technology has obvious advantages in black field and gray scale. BD Cell display has a black field brightness of less than 0.003 nits, and can realize 12 bits color depth. Its low gray scale transition is more natural, and every color and detail of the images can be clearly represented. This innovative technology can make users feel a better and mind-blowing UHD experience. It is said that BOE’s BD Cell technology can be used in medium- and large-sized displays such as those for TVs, notebooks and monitors. More devices featuring the BD Cell technology are yet to be put on the market.

    According to a Sigmaintell analyst, BD Cell represents a new technological breakthrough of BOE in the field of high-end LCD panels. Based on innovation in the TFT-LCD technology, BD Cell display technology shows finer images and consumes 40% less power than OLED display of the same size so it has strengths in terms of both image quality and cost. The introduction of BD Cell display technology will help color TV manufacturers to launch more competitive high-end TVs, thus injecting new vitality into the large-sized LCD market.

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