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      BOE is a global leader in intelligent Automotive display and solution, with a wide range of global business network and diversified car display business layout. In multiple Automotive display applications such as automotive instrument, central control assembly, entertainment system display, AR-HUD enhanced display, CMS, rearview mirror, etc., launched many cutting-edge technology products, including flexible AMOLED, Oxide, flexible multi-link screen, curved display, fully laminated display, BD Cell, Mini LED, and ultra-large size display. In 2022, BOE achieved the world's number one position in both car display shipments and display area.

    Solution Advantage

    Reach target audience where it matters and deliver real-time information

    • High-endization

      Ultra-large screen, Ultra-high definition, Curved shape, Touch integrated.

    • Diversified

      HUD, CMS, transparent A-pillar, ceiling screen, dimming window, passenger entertainment, rear entertainment, hidden display, 3D display.

    • Integrated

      DMS (Driver Monitoring System), gesture recognition, directional sound, anti-peeping, tactile feedback.

    Solution Products

    • 42.2" Smart Cockpit

      42.2" 10K ultimate integrated display

      Rich interactive LTDI/haptic feedback

      Switchable privacy protection/DMS safety upgrade

      Fast-response low-temperature heating inside the CMS box

    • 12.3" wood grain hidden display

      Large-size fully bonded glass with anti-wood grain cover

      High-brightness backlight with local dimming

      Skin-like touch surface

      Supports multi-touch

    • 27" Curved Mini-LED Display

      Ultra-high contrast ratio: 1,000,000:1

      Wide color gamut: NTSC 95%

      LTPS 4K high resolution

      Integrated curved screen

    • 15.05" OLED in-vehicle central control panel

      Large-size production-level automotive OLED product

      Low reflectivity SCI ≤3%

      Narrow bezel L/R/U/D 4mm/4mm/4mm/6.5mm

      Automotive curved display with a curvature radius of R800

    • 12.3" Oxide

      High refresh rates

      Narrow bezels

      Low power consumption

      High resolution

    • 14" Naked-eye 3D Instrument Cluster

      Naked-eye 3D display, no need for auxiliary equipment

      Equipped with visual tracking system

      Max 3D depth up to 15cm

      Viewing angle +/-25゚

    • 15.6" Haptic Feedback

      Various types of vibrations including button press, slide, and knob rotation

      Strong vibration intensity with acceleration up to 3.5G

      Thin and lightweight design

      Viewing angle +/-25゚

      A Single piezoelectric vibration motor can support a module weighing up to 1.5kg

    • 12.3-inch BD Cell Display with Integrated Touchscreen

      Pixel-level light control

      Contrast ratio up to 100,000:1

      Low halo effect

      Stacked display

    • 5-inch High-End Smart Instrument for Two-Wheelers

      IP67 deep waterproof

      Bluetooth arrow navigation

      Wireless screen projection through APP

      Surround sound with heavy bass

    • 5-inch TFT smart instrument

      Intelligent voice interaction

      Bluetooth hands-free function

      Advance warning of weather conditions

      More intelligent applications such as cycling trajectory, OTA upgrade, etc.

    • Dual 12.3-inch curved integrated bonding

      Integrated R3000 curved dual-display

      Curved-to-flat wet bonding

      Three-layer structure with pure black, ▲E=2.

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    Customer Cases

    • NIO ET7

      12.8-inch flexible AMOLED center console screen enables a unique and innovative exterior design. High resolution display enhances the visual performance. NOMI AI assistant is equipped with a 2.18-inch circular flexible AMOLED display, improving interactive experience.

      NIO ET7

    • XPeng G9

      BOE supplies the first "central control + entertainment" system-level dual-screen for XPENG G9, igniting the "big screen storm" for smart cabins

      XPeng G9


      BOE teams up with SAIC Rising Auto to achieve new breakthroughs in flexible OLED car applications and create a new "visual" world for intelligent cockpits.


    • Li L8

      BOE supplies Li L8 with a full range of "Dual-screen + Ceiling screen" systems, leading the new future of human-car interaction in smart cabins.

      Li L8

    • AION Hyper GT

      The Hyper GT model is equipped with BOE's first 14.6-inch oxide In-cell automotive widescreen display, this product has reached a leading level in car display technology such as high resolution, narrow bezel, and low power consumption.

      AION Hyper GT

    • Chery EXEED Stellar

      BOE partners with Chery's independent high-end brand, EXEED Stellar, to create a large-size curved joint display for the car. The device includes a dual 12.3-inch instrument and control assembly.

      Chery EXEED Stellar


      The first retro motorcycle with a round TFT intelligent instrument display.


    • Tayo Motorcycle

      Fully fitted vehicle-grade 8-inch TFT smart instrument. Mobile APP projection / High-performance quad-core SoC / IP66 dustproof and waterproof / Support front and rear dual-lens driving recorder / Support OTA upgrade.

      Tayo Motorcycle